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Supplier Terms & Conditions


Supplier shall provide a certification with each shipment as requested on Custom Fitting’s purchase order to attest that the parts, assemblies, or subassemblies conform to the order requirements.  Certification must contain the following: customer’s order number; part number and revision; name and address of manufacturing or processing location; manufacturer’s lot, heat, batch, date code, and/or serial number (if applicable); quantity and unit of measurement; and be signed and dated by an authorized company representative.  The applicable material test results, process certifications, and inspection records shall be presented upon request.  Supplier shall perform inspection, as necessary, to determine the acceptability of all articles under this order. All articles submitted by supplier under this order are subject to final inspection at Custom Fittings.


Supplier will include with each shipment, the raw material manufacturer’s test report stating that a lot of material furnished has been tested, inspected, and found to follow the applicable material specifications. The test report will list the specifications, including revision level, to which the material has been tested and/or inspected, and the identification of the material lot to which it applies.


A special process is a method controlled by a contractually required specification where: a product undergoes a physical, chemical, or metallurgical transformation, or inspection, where conformance to the specification cannot be readily verified by normal inspection methods; and the quality of the product depends on use of specific equipment operated in a specific manner, under controlled conditions, by trained personnel with instructions, procedures, or standards.


A special process certification shall be provided with each shipment of product delivered on this contract and include the following: customer’s order number, part number(s), serial and/or lot numbers (if applicable), material process specification and revision, certification stating the special process was performed per the applicable drawing/specification requirements, processing supplier’s name and address, and each certification must be signed and dated by an authorized company representative.


Special processes must be approved by Custom Fittings or its customer when this clause is specified.




Suppliers performance is subject to monitoring by Custom Fittings for OTD and Quality. Specific actions may be required by the supplier when Custom Fittings supplier performance requirements are not being met.


Work under this purchase order/contract is subject to Custom Fittings, regulatory / government or customer surveillance/inspection at supplier’s plant or sub-tier supplier’s facility. The supplier will be notified if a surveillance/inspection is to be conducted.





Supplier shall notify Custom Fittings of any nonconforming material.  Requests for any departures from drawings, specifications, or other purchase order requirements must be submitted for consideration by Custom Fittings in writing. Custom Fittings will in turn either approve or deny the approval request in writing.  Nonconforming material may not be shipped to Custom Fittings without such written approval.  Nonconforming material shipped on an approved non-conformance must be accompanied by a copy of the signed Custom Fittings approval document.


Supplier Corrective Actions (SCAR) shall be required for nonconforming materials, reduction in overall quality rating, not adhering to the requirements of Custom Fittings procedures, and external audit findings. SCAR’s will be issued by Custom Fittings at the discretion of the Quality Department.


Suppliers shall perform a root cause and corrective action then complete Custom Fittings Supplier corrective action form and submit to Custom Fittings within the designated time. An extension may be granted, but it must be requested by the Supplier in writing to Custom Fittings quality assurance department.


The supplier shall provide, in writing, advance notification to Custom Fittings of any change(s) to tooling, facilities, materials, or processes at the supplier or the supplier’s sub-tier that could affect Custom Fittings contracted product. This includes, but is not limited to, fabrication, assembly, handling, testing, facility location or introduction of a new sub-tier supplier.


The supplier must inform Custom Fittings of any possible changes to the required date stipulated on the purchase order.


The supplier’s Quality System shall assure that the latest applicable drawings, specifications, and quality requirements are compatible with current purchase order agreements and are available and in use by the supplier’s manufacturing and inspection areas.  Specifications referenced on the purchase order and drawings shall be to the revision as stated within the purchase order.

Flow down to external providers applicable requirements including customer requirements.


Supplier’s Quality Control shall be responsible for ensuring that items provided under the contract/purchase order are packaged in such a manner that the dimensional integrity is preserved, contamination and corrosion are prevented, and no physical damage occurs or, when specified, that packaging is in accordance with the drawing, or other applicable customer specified requirement.



FOD Prevention


The supplier shall ensure that all items supplied to Custom Fittings are manufactured in a way to ensure that all finished goods are free of foreign objects.

Counterfeit Material

The supplier shall ensure that material is supplied to Custom Fittings as requested. If it is deemed that material was intentionally supplied as counterfeit, after necessary and relevant inspection, testing, and discussion with the supplier, then it is Custom Fittings’ responsibility to quarantine the material to ensure it cannot re-enter the supply chain. A case will be raised with EASA. The supplier will be struck off the Custom Fittings supplier register. After the investigation is complete, the material in question will be scrapped. The scrapping of the material is not deemed as receipt of the goods, and a credit note will be requested for any invoices associated with the counterfeit material, if a credit note is refused then the invoices will remain unpaid indefinitely.

RECORD RETENTION - (Only relevant to all suppliers that supply product or service that directly goes into our finished products)

Suppliers and supplier’s subcontractors shall maintain verifiable objective evidence of all inspections and test performed, results obtained, and dispositions of non-conforming articles.  These records shall be identified to associated articles, including heat and lot number of materials, unit or lot serialization, and made available to Custom fittings upon request and shall be retained in a safe, accessible location for a period of 15 years after date of delivery.


Custom Fittings shall be notified in advance of any documents being destroyed.


Supplier’s records associated with the manufacture of serialized or lot-controlled articles will provide for continued traceability of serial numbers or lot number identification through all phases of manufacture, commencing with the raw material and continuing through final acceptance of the end item.



Supplier will ensure all personnel have the relevant skills, competency, and qualifications to carry out required role.



Supplier shall ensure persons are aware of and implement:

  • Their contribution to product or service conformity.
  • Their contribution to product safety
  • The importance of ethical behavior.
  • Quality Management system that defines the controls in place to prevent adverse impact to Custom Fittings.
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