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ORFS Fittings

As the name implies, ORFS, or (O-ring Face Seal) fittings incorporate an O-ring at the face of the fitting. The se...

ORFS Fittings

As the name implies, ORFS, or (O-ring Face Seal) fittings incorporate an O-ring at the face of the fitting. The seal is created when the O-ring compresses between the O-ring face of the fitting and flat face of the mating ORFS female fitting or the formed tube. When the connection is tightened the O-ring compresses against a flat face of mating fitting or tube forming a seal.

Custom Fittings’ O-ring Face Seal (ORFS) Tube Fittings and Adapters, meet or exceed the requirements of both SAE J1453, BS7417 and ISO 8434-3 and have international acceptance. O-ring face seal fittings offer zero clearance, resistance to over torque and vibration resistance making it an ideal reusable hydraulic fitting solution across many markets. ORFS tube fittings and adapters come in Stainless Steel 316L. Other materials available on request. 

Disadvantage of using ORFS fittings:
The relevant temperature rating is limited by the O-ring seal material making these fittings ineffective in extremely high temperature applications. A variety of O-Ring materials options are available. Nitrile, Viton etc. 


Advantages of using ORFS fittings:

• They’re readily available and offer a large variety of sizes shapes, combinations and materials
• Can eliminate leaks in hydraulic systems with high operating pressures
• These elastomeric seals provide a leak-proof, drop-in replacement for SAE 37° flared tube fittings, literally eliminating hydraulic leaks when used properly
• Used in the majority of applications where there are high pressures that are subject to flexing or pressure surges and they are also the preferred connection in high vibration systems because the soft O-ring seal absorbs shock better than any metal-to-metal sealed fittings.
• Can be easily connected to a range of tubing grades by silver brazing or forming

• The nature of ORFS fittings resists complications associated with over-assembly as they can be over torqued by as much as 200%
• The flat face connection design coupled with the replaceability of the O-ring, makes these fittings reusable and easily maintainable in the field

• Construction
• Military Ground Systems
• Aerial Lift
• Agriculture
• Material Handling
• Military Marine
• Machine Tool
• Transportation
• Alternative Energy
• Off-Shore/Oil & Gas

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