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Invitation to Tender - ERP Software Consultancy - Custom Fittings

Invitation to Tender - ERP Software Consultancy

Request for Tender: CF Digital Infrastructure – ERP Software Consultancy


Custom Fittings Limited (CF), a market leader in the manufacture of Hydraulic fittings, adaptors and connectors, invites qualified suppliers to submit their bids for experienced consultancy support assist with implementing Job Scheduling, Capacity Planning & Job Operation Booking to our Epicor ERP (Epicor Enterprise Resource Planning) system, we have already purchased the above relevant licenses to be able to start this project straight away. This tender aims to assist CF with sourcing the ideal partner to supply the required consultancy expertise in a timely, professional and cost effective manner.

This project is critical for enhancing our operational efficiency in production to stay competitive by using technology. This system enhancement enables CF to see real time the progress of jobs in WIP as well as being able to accurately review job costs to ensure that repeat orders are costed efficiently, accurately and competitively. This project is fundamental for CF understanding capacity, so we invest in the right areas of production as we look to scale the company.

Tender Reference Number: CF/LC/DE-1002

Issue Date: 10/02/2024

Scope of Work/Specifications:

The scope of this tender has been sensibly split into two phases. Phase 1-  Operations. Phase 2 – Planning & Scheduling. The reason for this is to reduce the impact on internal resource and the amount of change in one go. Phase 1 will encompass the Bill of Operations, as that is regarded as a pre-requisite to the Planning and Scheduling elements in Phase 2.

The successful supplier will be responsible for the key parts of each phase:-

Phase 1 – Operations:-

  1. System configuration changes
  2. BOM’s (Bill of Materials) & BOO’s (Bill of Operations) for all standard system parts.
  3. Testing & Training
  4. Go Live
  5. Post go Live Support.

Phase 2 – Planning & Scheduling

  1. System configuration changes
  2. Resource Group set up
  3. Epicor MES (Epicor Manufacturing Execution Software) Set up
  4. Process Review
  5. Document Processes
  6. Testing & Training
  7. Go Live
  8. Post go Live Support.

Conditions of Tender:

Eligibility – All bidders must meet or exceed the following criteria:

  1. Experience in set up and implementation of the scope of work spec in manufacturing and production businesses.
  2. Working towards deadlines / schedules.

Submission Details:

  1. Deadline for Submission: Thursday 29th February 2024 @ 17:00 – extensions must be communicated via email to Lewis Crowther, with your intention to bid along with a reasonable request for extension.
  2. Tender Validity Period: 3 months after 29/02/2024.
  3. Submission Method: please submit all bids via email to Lewis Crowther,

Evaluation Criteria:

Bids will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  1. Price
  2. Experience & Technical Capability
  3. Support & Training
  4. Project management
  5. Delivery / Lead time
  6. Cost & Payment terms
  7. Reputation / Past Performance

See attached bid scoring spreadsheet template.

Contract Terms and Conditions:

  1. Duration of Contract: the time taken to Supply and set up and install all hardware required.
  2. Payment Terms: 30days EOM (End of Month) after delivery.
  3. Penalties: Non delivery / late delivery as agreed communication must always remain open in the event of delivery delays. Invoices must be held until delivery in full or unless as agreed.

Instructions to Bidders:

  1. Bidders are required to submit the following:-
    1. Details of the deliverable elements of each phase.
    2. Lead Time & delivery schedule proposals. This is quantifiable in days. However a start date must be submitted.
    3. Financial proposals.
  2. For any questions please contact:
  3. All bids must be presented in response to this RFT (request for tender) document in the format of Excel, Word or PDF format only.

PDF RFT - ERP Software Consultancy

ERP Software Consultancy Scoring Matrix

Yours sincerely

Lewis Crowther


Custom Fittings

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